Dash not install



Hello guys i install btcpay server on my linux vps ubuntu 16.04 lts 8gb ram 4 core and 100 gb ssd…

I decided to install btc ltc and dash just finished synchronizing btc and ltc I logged in whot administrator and in the server / services section I only see

Crypto Access Type Actions
BTC LND gRPC See information
BTC LND Rest See information
None SSH See information

if I connect as a user then in the settings I can see both btc and ltc … but the strange thing is that it has not installed dash.

I use secure 100% when install the command

export NBITCOIN_NETWORK=“mainnet”
export BTCPAYGEN_CRYPTO1=“btc”
export BTCPAYGEN_CRYPTO2=“ltc”
export BTCPAYGEN_CRYPTO3=“dash”

but not install dash why? how can install dash now that the my server is operative?


Dash is not currently integrated with the docker setup yet. We are working on it but there are some issues with the docker image for dash that are blocking us. You can follow it here: wip:add dash docker by Kukks · Pull Request #26 · btcpayserver/btcpayserver-docker · GitHub


sorry but I did not understand … why do you say I can not install it? I’ve seen some stores that support dash and dogecoin … I can not figure out how I can install it


Coincards.ca uses a manually configured btcpayserver instance, they do not use the docker setup. The docker installation method still does not support dogecoin and dash

Dogecoin support progress: Dogecoin docker fragment by rockstardev · Pull Request #64 · btcpayserver/btcpayserver-docker · GitHub
Dash support progress: wip:add dash docker by Kukks · Pull Request #26 · btcpayserver/btcpayserver-docker · GitHub


and if i have docker i can install manual dash and doge? if yes you can give me a link to install manually dash and doge? thanks


You need a manual install which I discourage unless you are knowledgeable in devops.