Getting WARNING: The BTCPAY_SSHKEYFILE variable is not set




This is just what it is - a warning telling you SHOULD be using the SSH keys to secure your server, but it’s not obligatory and you can ignore it.

It’s recommended you use it.

Take a look at this link btcpayserver-doc/ at master · btcpayserver/btcpayserver-doc · GitHub

It explains the steps you need to take to add a key and get rid of the warning.

To add SSH keys use this :

sudo su -
cd $BTCPAY_BASE_DIRECTORY/btcpayserver-docker
git checkout master
# Setup SSH access via private key
ssh-keygen -t rsa -f /root/.ssh/id_rsa_btcpay -q -P ""
echo "# Key used by BTCPay Server" >> /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
cat /root/.ssh/ >> /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
. ./ -i