How to update my BTCPay Server?



How can I update my BTCPay Server to the latest version?


There are 2 ways to update your BTCPay Server.

First one is through the front-end and the second one is through the ssh and terminal.
Let’s cover both ways.

  1. Updating BTCPay (the easy way)

Server Settings > Maintenance > Update. You can see your version in the footer.

Be patient and wait for a few minutes. If the update is sucessfuly you’ll be asked to log into your BTCPay again.

  1. Updating BTCPAY through SSH (the advanced way)
    Use if the first does not work for some reason) or if you prefer terminal and ssh. Log in into your vm wih ssh then apply these commands:

sudo su -


To verify that you’re running the latest version, check your footer (when you’re logged in as admin)